Successful live communication gets under the skin.

The most direct form of communication is face-to-face.

Change processes in companies are often communicated within the framework of employee events. This usually involves making changes, generating project-related motivation or announcing strategic goals. We design a framework that fosters the right understanding and awareness of the issue.

Communication before and after the event is as much a part of successful event marketing as sustainable documentation.

Event & Congress

Inside Branchengipfel 2016
Humboldt-Stiftung/Svea Pietschmann

Alexander von Humboldt Professorship award 2018

Inside Branchengipfel 2016
Elke A. Jung-Wolff

ISO Week Berlin 2017

Inside Branchengipfel 2016
M. Bauer/BGHW

Die Goldene Hand

Inside Branchengipfel 2016
Andreas Reiter Photography

"Inside" Industry Summit 2016