The DKE conference is the traditional annual event of the electrotechnical standardization industry in Germany, known since 2017 as the DKE Innovation Campus. It has become a tradition to produce conference films of the event. Here, too, an innovative approach was required. 3c reinvented the conference films, and produced them in a whole new way. To be continued.

"Standardization connects the future" was the motto of the 2016 DKE conference. For the first time, the conference film was dedicated primarily to the participants themselves. The basic principle: Using a positive projection of the future to define and directly motivate the challenges, and working together to tackle and overcome the digitization of standardization.

Standardization experts explain the world: Examples abound of the fact that even professionals often have no shared understanding of key terms. 3c therefore devised and produced a series of clips for the Innovation Campus 2017, in which – inspired by the legendary German TV show "Dingsda" – experts explained key terms in standardization. Entertaining, surprising, enlightening.

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