DKE Innovation Campus 2018

DKE Innovation Campus: The annual highlight of the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies. For the second time, the DKE held their traditional annual conference in a new guise, and above all with new material content to reflect the upheavals in the world of standardisation caused by digitalisation. The conceptual and organisational project partner for this successful event was once again 3c.

More than 270 participants from the fields of electro-technical standardisation, business, science and research accepted the invitation extended by the DKE to the Congress Park Hanau. The DKE collaborated with 3c in 2017 to reinvent their successful annual conference and make it fit for the future, then in 2018 the material content of the event needed to be further refined. The overarching theme dominating this year's event was "Autonomous Systems".

In their welcome address, DKE President Roland Bent and DKE CEO Michael Teigeler set out to broaden the intellectual horizons of the event: the future of electro-technical standardisation and the DKE given the rise of digitalisation.

Through a mixture of keynote speeches and workshops in many communicative formats, which were as relevant as they were entertaining, participants in the DKE Innovation Campus 2018 developed a clear and differentiated picture of the opportunities and risks posed by autonomous systems in the context of electro-technical standardisation.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Henning: "We are able to build a machine that has an intelligent perception of its own state and can choose its own goals. This means that we can already put into practice systems that have their own intelligence."

"Autonomous systems in a social context". This was the topic of the stimulating and pivotal closing podium discussion featuring Corinna Egerer (Moderation), Thomas Schulz (Correspondent Der Spiegel), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Henning (P3 OSTO and RWTH Aachen), Prof. Dr. Hermann Eul (VDE Executive Committee), Roland Bent (DKE President, Phoenix Contact), Ansgar Hinz (VDE CEO).

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