German Paralympic Media Award 2016/2017

High emotion, excellent research and stories that make people think more deeply and differently about disabled sport: The German Paralympic Media Award is a very special journalistic prize that has been presented by the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) since 1999. After a two-year break in 2014 and 2015, 3c was commissioned to redesign the award ceremony and to stage the event.

Tom Maelsa/DGUV

At the end of March 2016, the German Paralympic Media Award (GPMA) celebrated its "resurrection". This was an extensive design and organisation project for 3c involving everything from the tender process, press and publicity work through to running the actual event in Berlin.

Tom Maelsa/DGUV

The jury of the GPMA 2017: Joachim Schoss, Gerd Schönfelder, Lorenz Maroldt, Friedhelm Julius Beucher, Gregor Doepke (Press Spokesman and Head of Communication at the DGUV) and Kirsten Bruhn. 3c  oversaw selection and support of the jury as well as managing the entire competition process.

A motivational video clip was used to attract nominations in what became a moving media event. The success spoke for itself: The number of nominations for the German Paralympic Media Award was far higher than in previous years.

Wolfgang Bellwinkel/DGUV

The patronage of Federal Minister Andrea Nahles for the GPMA award ceremony underlined the importance of the DGUV's commitment to disabled sports. In 2016, Nahles presented the German Paralympic Media Award in the Print category to Christoph Cadenbach for his article entitled "The Team", published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine.

Tom Maelsa/DGUV

CEO Dr. Joachim Breuer spoke with host Katrin Degenhardt about the commitment of the DGUV to promoting media coverage of the role of popular, rehabilitation and performance sports for people with disabilities.

The Paralympian cyclist Hans-Peter Durst, one of the highest profile German representatives of disabled sports, presented the prize in the category Online/Social Media to the winners Thomas Stephany, Marcel Wienands and Andre Hofmann.

Tom Maelsa/DGUV

"I may not be able to run, but at least I have learnt to fly a little" – the performance of breakdancer and crutch-acrobat Dergin Tokmak, alias "Stix", enthralled guests at the 2016 GPMA award ceremony in the Berlin headquarters of the DGUV. Born in Augsburg to German-Turkish parents, Tokmak contracted polio as a child and now uses a wheelchair and crutches.

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