The expert event, devised by the German Social Accident Insurance Association (DGUV) jointly with 3c and held in the DGUV Academy in Dresden in March 2016, set participants the task of testing the significance of five top trends for the future of accident prevention. A very special conference, which conveyed sophisticated content with emotional vibrancy to participants from all over the world.

4th International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work 2014

How will the world of work change? How will the social security system evolve in the face of far-reaching global changes? The 4th International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work 2016 aimed to contribute to a better understanding of these changes and to flag up possible solutions.

The plenary session in the middle of the hall: Participants sat opposite each other in four blocks arranged round the central stage. This brought a sense of closeness to the main players while the multiple eye contact created an intense atmosphere of exchange and interaction.

Four freestanding stage walls separated the plenum from the work spaces for small groups. At the same time, the iconic walls served as surfaces for documenting the results of the breakout sessions.

100% dynamic, 0% static: The constant movement between plenary and small group sessions encouraged everyone to get involved in different roles. In this way participants became players and speakers became participants.

Formats find their form in the space: The strong involvement of all participants was significantly boosted by the integration of plenary and small group sessions in one big room. By repeatedly switching between the situations, all participants were able to gain a direct mental and physical experience of the various changes in theme and perspective.

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