IEC General Meeting 2016

Online and on-site – the targeted use of various media complemented, supported and even boosted the live communication of around 3,800 participants at the 80th IEC General Meeting 2016.

“German engineers at work ...” – 3c worked with the management team of DKE and VDE to create a tongue-in-cheek short film that made a brilliant ice-breaker, putting the high-ranking guests at the President's Dinner into a relaxed mood.

“Welcome to Frankfurt am Main” – The packed conference programme left the participants from 80 different countries little time for sightseeing. In this short presentation, 3c provided them with key information about the city.

The interactive GM App developed by 3c prepared visitors from all over the world for their trip to the General Meeting months in advance. During the event itself, the app kept its users updated around the clock and got them actively involved in everything that was happening through surveys, feedback and posting opportunities.

The General Meeting website ( was devised and executed by 3c and proved a dynamic platform for all information regarding the content and experiences as well as topics, trends, news, updates, sponsor presentations and – last but not least – the social media wall and the media portal.

The dynamic flow of postings on the social media wall on the event website reflected the involvement of the participants via the GM App, Facebook, Twitter etc.

A specific Broadcasting Center, run by 3c, ensured that all important information was published as fast as possible. Sessions from the Reinvention Laboratory were streamed live over the internet while the highlights of the complete congress days were available online just a few days later. On the Broadcasting Center stage, moderators conducted expert interviews to explore some of the topics in greater depth.

Media & Interactive