The successful premiere of this event was always going to be a hard act to follow. But the second INSIDE Sector Summit held in Munich's Literaturhaus in June 2018 proved to be even more brilliant. With INSIDE residential market magazine as event organiser and 3c as the design and implementation partner, this was another hugely successful summit for the German furniture industry.

In 2018, the design team once again came up with an unusual staging for the INSIDE Sector Summit. The defining key visual created by 3c took the form of around 200 custom-made cardboard stools. As multi-functional, mobile interior design elements – providing everything from seating through to a towering stage wall – they also assumed the function of pixels, transforming digital compositions into analogue form.

People know each other – and have a lot to say. The INSIDE Sector Summit 2018 was to a large extent a forum for meetings and exchanges. In the evening Table-Talk session, held under the motto "The customer, an increasingly elusive being", experts discussed hot topics affecting the world of furniture. Lively audience participation was both expected and encouraged.

The discerning target group in the hall consisted of around 270 leading representatives of the German furniture and interior design sector. 3c, as the content conception partner, had not only chosen speakers with direct links to the industry but had also brought in a high calibre selection of interesting speakers from the fields of art, science and philosophy to provide participants with some food for thought.

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