ISSA Vision Zero Campaign 2017

The challenge 3c faced from ISSA for this project was simple and complex at the same time: To develop a complete visual identity and communications campaign for the world’s leading international organization for social security institutions, governments and agencies. The campaign is to run worldwide for the next years to mobile and inspire a renewed commitment by the decision makers, employers business leaders, and occupational health professionals to a safe future for all people at the workplace.

We started by helping ISSA develop a complete visual identity for the campaign.  This included the development of the logo, key visual, colours, typography, graphic style, iconography style and photography style

Vision Zero Guidelines for partners as well as ISSA capture all the campaign elements and how to use them in applications

The campaign will be run decentrally by companies and organizations concerned with security at the work place all over the world. As such, it was important to create a campaign tool box and collaterals that work internationally, and which can be adapted to local cultures and topic requirements. 3c created the Vision Zero toolbox. This consists of the campaign assets deriving from the visual identity, key print materials as well as a series of practical templates for documentation and promotional activities. 

Print concepts that work on various levels using the strong key visual of the Zero rings and the primary and secondary colours of the campaign: E.g. advertisement templates for the international roll out or a poster concept building on the key visual rings of the campaign.

Creating a strong, engaging interactive website to capture the projects and participants of the campaign was a key focus from the beginning. We helped ISSA define their online needs, using a creative dialogue workshop and used this to create the web concept, designs and made sure the website could be integrated smoothly into ISSA’s global website.

Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules: The cornerstone of the Vision Zero campaign for all partner organisations.

The Vision Zero campaign for ISSA was launched internationally at the XXI. World Congress for Safety and Health at Work in Singapore 2017. 3c designed the stand and delivered a flexible concept that can be used for events all over the world.

Design & Architecture