LHI headquarters – guidance system 2010

For decades the LHI Group has been one of Germany's most successful investment and asset managers. Experience, stability and continuity form a consistent thread that runs through the corporate strategy. So what better design feature for the wayfinding system in the new headquarters than a symbolic red  thread? It was the obvious choice for 3c.

The red outline as an abstraction of the red thread. The concept for the wayfinding system at the company headquarters picks up on the typography of the LHI logo.

It is not so much a labyrinth as a complex set of spaces that requires a wayfinding system. The new five-storied head office of the LHI Group combines the various parts of the company under one roof for the first time. Not only does the red thread serve as orientation but at 3.5 millimetres thick and around 2 kilometres in length, it also binds all the parts together.

The elements of the logo are reflected in the wayfinding system: The red thread makes its way through the building and is repeated in all the lettering. As an online font, also developed by 3c, it has both a formative and unifying effect.

The particular significance of the red thread in the wayfinding system developed by 3c also extends to the many glass partition walls, which contribute to the transparent nature of the new headquarters in Pullach.

Wherever questions are asked, the binding thread provides the answer. It doesn't always need many words – sometimes a simple symbol is all the user requires. The main thing is, it forms a consistent, single thread – throughout.

Design & Architecture