Men are particularly at risk in terms of their health – and yet they are hopeless at taking preventative measures. For this reason, the Bavarian Federal Ministry of Environment and Health began a campaign aimed at persuading men to go for more regular health check-ups. After all, men live longer if they take the right precautions. To that end 3c developed two TV adverts, one year apart, which dramatized the campaign message in two very distinctive ways.

At the start of the campaign, humour was the medium of choice. 3c came up with a drama rich in allusions to deep-seated male anxieties, which had a surprising ending. The main roles were played by Wolfgang Fierek, Waldemar Hartmann – and Minister of State Markus Söder. Three ambassadors for one simple message: men live longer if they take the right precautions.

One year later, 3c took a more serious approach to the topic of male health. The second advert developed for the Bavarian Ministry of Health confronted typical male attitudes and habits and showed their possible consequences. Here too the message was unmistakeable: It's time for men to step up and take responsibility for a healthy life.

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