XXI. World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017

The XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work designed and run by 3c in Frankfurt in 2014 set new standards in the global occupational health and safety community. This was more than enough reason for the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) in Singapore, host of the following event in the series, to invite 3c to further develop certain parts of the event. Together with the organisers, the International Labour Organisation ILO and the International Association for Social Security ISSA, 3c was able to help shape the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017 in several key areas.

The Special Media Session created by 3c for the International Media Festival for Prevention (IMFP) was the first content-oriented highlight of the World Congress in Singapore. At the prize-giving ceremony of the International Media Festival for Prevention (IMFP), which was moderated by Martina Hesse-Spötter, General Secretary of the IVSS Electricity Section, six films and three multi-media products were awarded the coveted "Oscars" of occupational health and safety.

Awareness ensures greater "Safety at Work" among young people: In line with this mission of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), 3c devised the global SafeYouth@Work Media Competition. This included the conception and implementation of the international Award Ceremony featuring the young prize-winners as part of the Special Media Session of the International Media Festival for Prevention (IMFP).

At the SafeYouth@Work Congress, which formed part of the XXI World Congress in Singapore, 125 young employees, trade unionists and students from all over the world developed a global network of young Safety and Health at Work experts. 3c accompanied them with camera teams, carried out interviews and produced on-site editorial film clips – both for the on-site events and for the web and social media.

The SafeYouth@Work Dialogue of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) offered a creative platform for inter-generational exchanges and the presentation of the results of the SafeYouth@Work Congress. 3c's innovative event design turned the event into an emotional experience.

Large-scale presentation for a large-scale initiative: The video, created by 3c to launch the Vision Zero campaign, motivated the 3,500 participants in the plenary session and on the stand to get involved in the campaign. The video will be used around the world for Vision Zero events.

Size matters! With a graphic animation on a 50 metre wide LED wall, 3c ensured the campaign launch had an irresistible "wow" effect.

Making the seemingly impossible possible: This fundamental concept of the Vision Zero campaign was reinforced by the presence of the astronaut Michael López-Alegría at the launch in the plenary session, together with Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, General Secretary of ISSA. The rocket was symbolized whole concept and gave a flamboyant flair to the conference.

On the stand, organizations and companies signaled their commitment to Vision Zero. More than 500 partners registered there and then with certificates developed by 3c, and many more signed up after the event.

Presentation of the "7 Golden Rules" on the stand: These rules form the cornerstone of the Vision Zero campaign. Organisations and companies from diverse industries all over the world have pledged to

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