Die Goldene Hand – Preisverleihung 2018

After its successful premiere in the previous year, DIE GOLDENE HAND, the renowned prevention prize from the Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik BGHW (employers'liability insurance association for retail and goods logistics), was awarded for the second time in November 2018. 3c created an all-round appealing design not only for the prize brand, but also for the celebratory award ceremony. It enhanced Germany's most important award for safe and healthy workplaces in the field of commerce with a consistent charisma both internally and externally.

Recognisable and at the same time with its own accents: The room setting at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn was based on the previous year's event, but in terms of colour placed less emphasis on contrasts than on a monochrome play with the golden base tone of the prize brand.

A proven team led the approximately 260 guests at DIE GOLDENE HAND award ceremony through the evening: TV presenter Miriam Deforth and Karl-Josef Thielen, Head of Corporate Communication for BGHW, continued the established concept of a varied dual presentation in a professional and entertaining manner.

Manfred Wirsch, alternating Chairman of BGHW, describes the award ceremony as follows: "This high-profile event is also an expression of appreciation for the companies – and for the colleagues who participate in this Prevention Prize."

The choreography of the dance group "Accelerando Dance Company" turned supporting others and acting together into a special experience. The young dancers were impressive in showing that it is up to each individual when it comes to changing something.

With their perfect interplay of music and light effects, the "Light Drummers" entertained the audience in a spectacular way and set highlights of their own kind on this glamorous evening.

A decisive aspect of DIE GOLDENE HAND is its media charisma, which puts nominees and prize-winners, companies and employees – and therefore also occupational health and safety as a common concern – in the public eye. The consistent staging of the award and the actors is an integral part of the overall concept of 3c.

The 2018 DIE GOLDENE HAND Awards ceremony: A complete success for the Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik BGHW, for the prize-winners and guests of the event, for the promotion of health and safety at work – and last but not least for its design and implementation partner 3c.

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