Die Goldene Hand – BGHW Prevention Award 2017

The German Employers' Liability Insurance Association recognises good ideas in the field of occupational safety. 3c has given this award a name and a face – and thus created a strong brand.

An award you can touch and feel: The renowned prevention award of the BGHW has been given an emotive name and a distinctive look and feel. DIE GOLDENE HAND (The Golden Hand) is a versatile, emotional symbol that stands for protection, care, attention, activity, communication – and thus for prevention in the widest sense of the word.

As a visual, the GOLDEN HAND serves as an abstract two-dimensional design element for the BGHW. The corresponding trophy made from thermoformed brass is a free three-dimensional interpretation of the same image. Designed by Munich sculptor Max Gumpp, the gilded award embodies the message of the GOLDEN HAND in a valuable material – weighty and tangible.

The website diegoldenehand.de provides an online stage for the design of the GOLDENE HAND. A certificate and leaflet provide the analogue back-up.

The advertising leaflet announces the competition for the GOLDEN HAND to member companies of the BGHW in analogue format.

Design & Architecture