DIN stand at Hannover Messe 2018

Standardisation is simpler than many people think – but it is also highly relevant for digital future technologies. This key message from the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) at Hannover Messe 2018 was showcased by 3c using an unusual stand concept that turned the many issues surrounding standardisation into an interactive and entertaining experience for many visitors.

These were not the universally familiar LED or touchscreen aesthetics but genuine light projections that were easily understood and exerted a magical pull on visitors. This was made possible by the use of extremely modern short-throw projectors, each with a powerful 20,000 lumens. More than 60 capacitive sensors on the back of the printed "switches" of the machine triggered a projection when touched.

The "Standardisation Factory of the Future" as the tongue-in-cheek quote of a modern Industry 4.0 production facility: the presence of DIN at the Hannover Messe used an imaginative approach of interactive, animated projections to tell visitors everything they needed to know about standardisation.

The basic idea of the stand – measuring around 100 square metres and open on both sides – was to represent the four crucial steps involved in every standardisation process. All other information was dispersed around the structure of the "Standardisation Pathway". As well as DIN, the Beuth Verlag publishing house, which publishes and markets norms and standards via a number of different channels, was the second central protagonist of this staging.

Light and playful in form, versatile and rich in content: turning the many processes and connections related to standardisation into a haptic-visual-acoustic interactive presentation attracted a lot of attention from visitors to the trade fair. At the same time, it gave the DIN team at the stand the chance to hold in-depth technical discussions with many interested visitors.

Design & Architecture