Houses of Innovation - Spring Conference 2015

The Spring Conference 2015 of an international reinsurance company took the concept of “Innovation“ as its theme. 3c developed the abstract idea of creating individual thinking spaces for exploring different aspects of the theme. The idea was translated into reality, and the thinking spaces grew into four “Houses of Innovation”.

The “Houses of Innovation” provided enclosed spaces. Here the participants were able to play through diverse viewpoints concerning the respective topics.

Exchange of opinions & experiences, of knowledge & persuasions: In each of the four Houses, stages of the innovation process were communicatively developed and uniquely experienced.

No interior without exterior. The space between the “Houses of Innovation” became a relevant meeting place and discussion platform for the exchange of experiences from the various Houses. The participants frequently inspired each other during their dialogue.

Everything that had been separately thought and said, encountered and felt in the spaces of experience in the “Houses of Innovation” came together in plenum where it was arranged into a cohesive whole.

Event & Congress