"Inside" Industry Summit 2016

How do the freaks in Silicon Valley work these days? What are German automobile companies planning to do with self-driving cars? How are people‘s needs changing in the digital age? And what does all that have to do with manufacturers and retailers in a furniture market dominated by medium-sized companies?

The first INSIDE industry summit, held in Munich‘s Literaturhaus in December 2016, offered the movers and shakers of the furniture market a rare look at the bigger picture – and outlined potential new strategies and opportunities. Organised by the leading industry publication INSIDE Wohn-Markt-Magazin. Conceived and realised by 3c.

Analogue and highly personal: The “Who‘s Who” wall was put together by the participants themselves. The Insiders introduced themselves in a totally unassuming manner – with hand-written notes alongside a classic Polaroid portrait.

Every critical question needs someone fearless to ask it: Using their charm and skill, the INSIDE editorial staff coaxed a number of surprising answers from the industry insiders.

Interior design professionals are not so easy to surprise with even the most innovative design. So how could the setting be formulated in a way that would inspire the target group? The solution? A well-known cartoonist illustrated the stage and signage in comic-book style. Industry-related, affectionate and slightly tongue-in-cheek.

The enlightening view from the outside – that was the USP of the first INSIDE Industry Summit for the main players and decision-makers from the world of furniture. A top-class line-up of speakers, including keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer, delivered exactly that. To the benefit and satisfaction of participants.

No place of silence, for once: The library of the Munich Literaturhaus was the setting for an unusual discussion format: In a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, industry insiders debated hot topics from the world of interior design.

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