ISO Week Berlin 2017

ISO Week: The annual highlight of the global standardization community, hosted by different national standardization organisations each year. In 2017, DIN hosted this traditional event on the occasion of its own 100th anniversary. Around 600 top international standardization managers from 134 countries came together for meetings, networking and celebrations. For ISO Week, a central communicative theme was developed by 3c that ran through the whole event.

“Open-minded. Open for change.“ This motto, developed by 3c for the event, expressed the central theme of the host DIN for ISO Week 2017: The need in a changing world to be open to new ideas, including in the standardization community. The key motif of openness was also expressed in the event logo. And the key visual that permeated the whole event merged the claim with the design realisation of the core concept of "Change" to create a tangible entity with many colourful variations.

The key visual of ISO Week 2017 linked the different event locations in the DIN Headquarters and the Hotel Intercontinental by providing clear and strong associations. Within the various locations, a simple but effective signage system based on the key visual ensured rapid orientation.

With the Open Zone, 3c created a distinctive space for the core idea "Open minded. Open for Change". Here, DIN offered the international participants at ISO Week 2017 a unique forum where concepts and visions for the future of standardization could be presented and creative solutions jointly developed or initiated. The evolution of the key visual concept to create 3D and spatial dimensions formed an experience situation of iconic symbolism.

The Open Session: The large closing plenary session of the ISO Week, conceived by 3c in terms of both spacial design and content, was dedicated entirely to the future sustainability of standardization. Various experts from DIN and the well-known expert in Digital Leadership, Dr. Wilms Buhse, brought relevant key topics to life. This was followed by interactive sessions designed to establish an approach for the future.

The virtual Open Zone was designed by 3c as an extension of the theme forum of ISO Week in the pre- and post-communication of the event. The centrepiece was the mass of testimonial clips from standardization professionals from all over the world. Under the motto "I'm open for...", they articulated their own personal views on the relevant future topics.

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