The kommmitmensch Film & Media Festival was organized for the first time in November 2019 by the employers’ liability insurance associations and accident insurance funds along with the A+A trade fair. In the context of the DGUV’s current prevention campaign “kommmitmensch,” this four-day festival with numerous individual events took place as part of the world’s largest occupational safety and health trade fair, A+A, in Düsseldorf. The overall design and realization was handled by 3c.

It wouldn’t be a film festival without a competition. The kommmitmensch Film & Media Festival at A+A 2019 welcomed submissions of occupational safety and health films of all genres in four categories: Whether they were documentaries, ads for TV/cinema/online, art films, thrillers, comedies, animated, or moving images on social media—the only decisive factor was that safety and health played leading roles in each case. The cinematic call to action was produced by 3c.

The winners of the kommmitmensch Film & Media Festival at A+A 2019 were honored in a ceremonial setting. The festive awards ceremony with presentation of the winning films took place in the Festival Cinema in Hall 10 of Messe Düsseldorf. Moderated by Gregor Doepke, Head of Communications at DGUV, the event featured a successful mix of entertainment, information, and emotion.

Great cinema for good ideas: The Cinema, as part of the kommmitmensch Film & Media Festival, was the main stage for exemplary occupational safety and health films from a wide variety of fields. The program at the Cinema illustrated the wide-ranging diversity of the genre of occupational safety and health films. Popcorn included. The large crowds were overwhelming from the first day to the last.

Do-it-yourself was the motto of the media workshop at the kommmitmensch Film & Media Festival, which offered a lot of practical expertise all about the production of films and video clips. Interested parties had the opportunity to learn for example everything they needed to know about using media on social networks or about producing video messages “to go” in workshops from professional filmmakers.

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