Synpulse Annual Meeting 2015

A leading international corporate consultancy. Top consultants, working with clients on a daily basis around the world. An impressive success story for the well-known Zurich-based consulting company, albeit one which brings a small challenge with it: How to maintain a sense of belonging and team spirit in a group of experts whose work scatters them across the globe. This was the main aim of the Synpulse Annual Meeting 2015, devised and run by 3c.

"Who's who?" is one of the key questions asked when the 200 or so employees of Synpulse meet for the first time in a year at their Annual Meeting in Munich's Literaturhaus (House of Literature). The big Welcome Wall provided all the necessary information in a clear and concise format. And since not all questions could be answered right at the start, the wall continued to prove a popular point of reference throughout the event.

The staging of the event followed a clear, communicative motif: Meeting in movement. A key feature was the "Promenade of Communication": Starting from the unifying point of the central stage, all participants at the Annual Meeting were invited to take a tour through the various breakout activities. Everyone then came together again for the plenary session. After all, for Synpulse it's all about creating a whole.

In the breakout activities, consultants from Synpulse were given creative tasks to do in order to recreate the experience of working as a team. One example was Design Thinking, which was all about solving problems in a way that was both playful and at the same time appropriate to the high standards of Synpulse.

The arena: The centrepiece of the 2015 Annual Meeting of Synpulse. The direct eye contact with colleagues made making contact with each other the natural focus of this event. Meanwhile the central stage turned 360° communication into a basic communicative skill for the speakers and main players – and one they found easy to acquire in this environment.

Extreme proximity. The podium discussion in the arena was a dialogue between senior managers from Synpulse in a relaxed atmosphere, which deliberately moved away from the habitual professional approach. This avoidance of distance also extended to the integration of the rank and file audience: Everyone was able to make contact at eye level. And contact means relationship.

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