Wacker Co-Creation Lab 2016

The international chemical company WACKER commissioned 3c to rethink the issue of product presentation and brand image for its Silicons business area. The result: a solution that is simple in principle, but with many different applications. A "lab bench", where interested parties actively experienced the expertise of WACKER – in solution-oriented conversations, which could move seamlessly to finding a joint approach to the problem right in the trade fair stand itself.

The Co-Creation Lab: more than just an iconic platform for the presentation of selected product samples from the Silicons business area. In this way, WACKER was not just able to showcase its expertise in research, development and production. The presentation and work benches designed by 3c also embodied WACKER's claim to imagine and develop shared solutions for the future in productive dialogue with its customers.

Presentation as inspiration: like large, horizontal display cases, the laboratory benches of the Co-Creation Lab housed a variety of carefully chosen work materials in glazed, individually designed, backlit recesses. The benches were divided up into clearly defined dialogue and work areas. Informational and work materials were available in built-in drawers and power connections were provided for technical devices.

Design & Architecture