XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014

The world's largest event for Safety and Health at Work filled participants with enthusiasm through numerous futuristic and utterly novel event formats. The planners and designers at 3c dared to rethink traditional spaces in order to make a deliberate break with conventional congress expectations. Rooms became a reflection of the collective development of new perspectives.

The Areal Hall of the forum at Messe Frankfurt exhibition centre. The ceiling hanging made of hundreds of multi-coloured cardboard tubes created a distinctive impression and turned the space into a unique event location for all participants.

The Welcome Lounge, a place to linger and retreat in the middle of the Areal Hall. Once again, recyclable cardboard tubes were used here as a central design element – one of many conceptional contributions pointing to high sustainability.

In terms of signage, an innovative design solution was found that was formal, technically simple yet extremely sustainable: Balloons and steles as the central component of the guidance system. The scaffolding of the steles could be used for other purposes after the congress.

Festive Closing Ceremony in the Harmony Hall: The impressive stage picked up on the central elements of the congress design. On the large LED wall, measuring around 230 square metres, vast live and film projections made an impressive backdrop.

Design & Architecture