XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014

With around 4,000 participants from 143 countries, this is the world's biggest event for Safety and Health at Work. Developed over a three-year collaboration with the German Social Accident Insurance body, DGUV, 3c planned and implemented a major international event, which went beyond the normal remit in various ways.

Communication was brought to life by creating a highly communicative atmosphere: Congress participants found plenty of opportunities for informal exchanges in the Forum for Prevention.

With its action stage and market spaces, the Forum for Prevention not only provided a new form of presentation but also encouraged guests to eat and network together.

One congress participant at the awarding of the “Innovation Stars”. All contributions of the Forum for Prevention could be evaluated with “Innovation Stars” when walking past or in a discussion with the presenters. The contributions with the most stars then received prizes in the course of the congress.

The artists from DUNDU thrilled the audience with their 5-metre high puppets during the Opening Ceremony in a show highlighting the issue of Prevention.

The festive opening event of the XX World Congress for Health and Safety at Work, held in Frankfurt on 24 August 2014, set the tone for the productive and inspiring days that lay ahead.

Andrea Nahles, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, used her opening address to emphasise the high priority accorded to health and safety at work in Germany.

Right from the start, experience designer Mario Bottazzi engaged the almost 4,000 participants from around the world and different cultures. He used a subtle rap to transform the congress with its multiple topics into a cohesive community experience.

New spaces for new forms of presentation: The panoramic spaces of Frankfurt's exhibition centre formed a varied backdrop for a number of different symposia and specialist events. ISSA General Secretary Hans-Horst Konkolewsky in conversation with Dr. Walter Eichendorf, Deputy Director General of the DGUV.

The International Media Festival for Prevention at the International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water: The Special Media Session, staged by 3c and presented by Mo Asumang and DGUV Director of Communication Gregor Döpke, used animations, selected communication examples from around the world, and practical voices, all linked to the motto “Media can”, to show the particular importance of media for effective occupational safety, and what they can all do in this respect.

The highly emotional Closing Ceremony in the Harmony Hall: Dr. Walter Eichendorf summed up the event.

In a symbolic gesture, DGUV Chairman Manfred Wirsch handed over the toolbox of successful preparation to a representative of the organiser of the next World Congress in Singapore 2017.

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